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About Us

Constructs & Concepts Int'l and A School for Children, Inc., do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, color, national origin or ability in its’ admissions, administration, education, employment or access to programs or services.

     Constructs & Concepts Int'l (CCI) is a comprehensive Professional Learning and Meta-cognitive Coaching Firm that provides educational consultancy services for (Pre)K-16 educators (PD) and educational tutoring, coaching, mentoring and counselling referrals for youth and adults.  Our cadre of professional consultants also provide grant writing, program evaluation, strategic planning facilitation, charter petition development and social justice and equity training for educators.  CCI is also the home of  THE TEACHER ACADEMY/ THE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY. Both of these training modules involve culturally relevant, job-embedded support for educators who are willing to embrace the educating of a growing diverse school population.

     A School for Children, Inc. is the non-profit entity of CCI that provides educational programming as a community-based organization.  It seeks to foster the development of innovative thinkers who can master their cultural, social, academic and economic worlds and walk as problem-solvers in a changing (global) world.  We welcome parents and the community at-large as we partner together to make your child’s education one of achievement and overall success.

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