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Accreditation & Association

         As a non-graded, multi-age, non-traditional learning environment, A School For Children (ASC) is fully accredited under the Standards for a Non-Traditional Educational School by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.  The Georgia Accrediting Commission has been serving Georgia’s schools since 1904.  The founding father of this commission, Dr. Joseph S. Stewart, provided leadership to the organization of what is known today as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). 

      In 2013 (after five years of the high school’s existence), The Vertical High School Academy of A School for Children will apply for accreditation status directly with SACS.  Nevertheless, the rigor and relevance of the high school diploma from schools commissioned by the Georgia Accrediting Commission is accepted by colleges and universities throughout the country and abroad.

      Further, ASC/VHSA has association with Trumpet of God Ministries & Training Center for oversight of Biblical Studies and Apostolic Training.  The school, while an independent Georgia Corporation, is submitted to the spiritual leadership and oversight of Trumpet of God Ministries in accordance with the order of the Christian faith as embraced by the founder of A School for Children, Inc.

A School for Children has made application and eagerly is committed to the principles of, and awaits acceptance to the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

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