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Ginah said:   April 3, 2012 11:13 pm PST
Review by Coach 62 for Rich Dad's Advisorsae: The ABC's of Real Estate Investing: The Secrets of Finding Hidden Profits Most Investors Miss Rating: I have been investing in RE for over 20 years and I have read a lot of books. This one is the best so far and I would say it is a must read.This book is not a Carlton Sheets (et al) get rich quick banogla book. This is a book for serious RE investors.If you want to flip properties, this book is not for you. If you want to buy and hold properties, this is by far the best book I have ever read.The most value of this book is how to properly assess value of a property. Assessing the value of a property is probably the most difficult thing. Not only does he teach you how to do this, he teaches you how to see through the sellers inflated balance sheets and possible misleading Realtor statements.Also of tremendous value is how to properly manage properties for maximum cashflow. I had no idea I had so much to learn in this area.What more can I say? Just get the book. I got the audio book and I listened to it at least 4 times.

Carol said:   April 3, 2012 7:03 pm PST
made sense, but how do I do it? Well the ABC's of Real Estate Investing will take it to the next step and tell you how.I listened to the audio book vioresn but I'm sure I'll buy the regular book as well because there is just so much information in this book, especially the checklists. Ok, so why is this book great? Because it's written by someone who actually did all this stuff and is successful. He uses real examples from properties he's owned in the Phoenix area. I lived in this area for 9 years, and I can say everything he said about it made a lot of sense. You don't need to be from Phoenix, I'm just saying that I think the author really knows his stuff.ATTENTION! Here is a one thing you may or may not like (judging from other reviews): This book uses multi-family (apartment buildings) in all the examples. They cost millions. So although on one hand he makes it sound easy enough that I could do it, I'm not comfortable going after a two million dollar property for my first one! HOWEVER, I think everything he said would apply to an individual family home as well. This didn't bother me at all, and if I ever get a chance at a multi-family unit I'll have more confidence to do it.If you listen to the audio book, the author reads it himself. Something I really enjoy. I don't like some guy reading as fast as he can, Ken McElroy reads it as if he's sitting next to you telling you face to face. While some of the phrases sound a bit corny or even fake, Now we don't want any surprises do we? , I think it gives his reading a bit of charm.Overall, not the only book you need but definitely one of the best I've seen. Great job Ken! Now if only the original Rich Dad series was this good!

Taylor Anne Glover said:   March 31, 2012 7:29 pm PST
I love this school it is like a place children should go to enjoy every second of the day

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