The Proven Experimental Pilot of
A Professional Learning & Meta-cognitive Coaching



A School for Children, Inc. began as Constructs and Concepts International (CCI) Professional Learning and Meta-cognitive Coaching Firm in October 2004.    This educational firm was the brainchild of Jewel Jones Faison, Ph.D., a former public school superintendent, curriculum specialist, teacher, researcher and college professor who longed to see child-centered, content-rich accelerated instruction for all children.  Also, Dr. Faison’s belief was that children should learn in a comfortable environment that encourages creativity and self-motivation.  The improvement in the performance of students who attended the meta-cognitive coaching sessions at Constructs & Concepts International (CCI) was noted and appreciated and parents began to ask Dr. Faison for a full-day, regular school program that mimicked the coaching sessions.  Thus, CCI was established and opened its’ doors as a summer venture camp in May 2005.  The first school enrollment was 8.  By the fall of 2006-07 school year the enrollment had more than doubled.  A School for Children, Inc. was officially separated from CCI and incorporated as a Georgia Non-Profit Corporation during the 2006-07 school year.

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