The Proven Experimental Pilot of
A Professional Learning & Meta-cognitive Coaching


Technology Proficiency Goals


In grades 1-3, the primary focus is introducing students to the basic skills necessary to use technology in daily learning activities.  By the end of 3rd grade, students will be able to:

  • Operate computers with adult supervision
  • Demonstrate proper use and care of computers
  • Log on/off the network
  • Use a mouse
  • Start and close programs
  • Demonstrate basic word processing (create, save, open, edit)
  • Identify basics of the keyboard
  • Use simple software (i.e., SuccessMaker for math and reading instruction)
  • Visit and use educational Internet sites with adult supervision
  • Identify use of technology in home and community
  • Recognize an individual’s right of ownership to computer generated work

In grades 4 – 5, the primary focus is to reinforce and expand technology skills, with the following additional skills:

  • Demonstrate proficiency by 5th grade on the full keyboard. This is achieved through formal keyboarding instruction using Type2Learn.
  • Demonstrate basic Internet search techniques and navigational skills
  • Create simple multimedia presentations and desktop publications
  • Evaluate and utilize web sources for research
  • Demonstrate knowledge of saving work to network folder and flash drive
  • Familiarity with blogging and other 21st Century skills

In grades 6 – 7, student will continue to expand their proficiencies through the following activities:

  • Create more complex desktop publishing and multimedia presentations
  • Use spreadsheets to manage and analyze data
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic computer-related vocabulary
  • Use teacher directed website research and become familiar with Galileo
  • Continue to expand knowledge of 21st Century skills (blogging, wikis, social networks)


In grades 8 – 12, students will acquire additional experience with technology tools and further develop competency in these skills.  Upon graduation, students will have proficiency in:

  • Using advanced word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation tools
  • Evaluating websites and Internet based research
  • Proper use of copyright laws
  • Understanding and using Web 2.0 tools to achieve personal and classroom goals
  • Producing complex individual and group projects incorporating research, problem solving and decision making techniques
  • Understanding when and how to use technology in their daily life in an effective manner
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