The Proven Experimental Pilot of
A Professional Learning & Meta-cognitive Coaching



Technology and 21st Century Skills are a vital part of our daily lives.  At ASC/VHSA, we are committed to preparing our students to utilize technology in meaningful, effective and ethical ways. Our goal is to integrate technology instruction into our curriculum to enhance learning and improve skills. Students are empowered to seek out new challenges and be an active participant in their own education.

        Therefore, all students are required to have a working laptop, a USB/ Flash drive, and a rolling book bag in which to carry their laptops.  There is NO exception to this requirement.  Much of the research and other curriculum related activities require the use of a laptop.

        Parents are encouraged to place the Norton Antivirus Software and activate parental controls [Go into Control Panel; Internet Options; Security; Enable Protected Mode; Set Security Level on HIGH].  This will prevent students from visiting non-regulated sites.  THIS IS A PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY.  When students visit sites that are unauthorized and illegal for children they risk crashing their hard drive.  This will result in you (parents) needing to purchase a new computer because NO child can come to school for more than two (2) days without his/her laptop.

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