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Volunteer/Community Service

In addition to our mission, we strive to instill a commitment to personal integrity and a sense of social responsibility in each of our students.  With this in mind, our commitment to philanthropy is very strong.  Learning the value of doing for others is high on our list of priorities for our children.

The Lower, Middle & Upper School level students participate in numerous projects throughout the year.  These student-driven activities will work to foster compassion, selflessness, and generosity in their participants.

The school’s leadership believes that a part of becoming a mature adult involves developing responsibility, commitment, and a sense of community. The purpose of the volunteer/community service requirements is to foster these valuable qualities as a part of each student’s preparation for college.

Each student entering 10th grade is encouraged to design his or her personal plan of volunteer service for the duration of the high school career. Students may choose to work individually or collectively. Students should contact the Head of School’s Office for approval of their proposed service projects. Students may not serve within a family member’s employment, business, or source of income, and their service activities should reach above and beyond any normal church commitments.

During the school year, the Coaches routinely notify students about opportunities for service with qualifying organizations as these arise.


  • A total of 55 volunteer hours must be documented by May 1st of a student’s senior year in order to graduate from the Vertical High School Academy.
  • Students may begin accumulating volunteer hours the summer before their sophomore year.
  • Community Service forms are available in the Head of School’s Office or by downloading from here.  Community Service forms must be signed by an agency official and must be approved by a Coach before hours are recorded on the student’s transcript.
  • The Head of School’s office can help a student determine if a specific activity qualifies for school volunteer credit prior to participation.
  • The school suggests students use the following as a guideline in reaching their goal of 55 hours of documented volunteer work prior to graduation:

·         10th grade 20 hours

·         11th grade 20 hours

·         12th grade 15 hours


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