About Us

Dedicated Educators As Coaches/Facilitators


We know that learning is easiest when there is an excellent coach facilitating the learning!!! Our TEACHER'S ACADEMY provides enrichment for veteran educators and encouragement for new teachers as they become culturally responsive leaders in the classroom. Our mini courses and workshops are offered through our partner founding company, Constructs & Concepts Int’l. 

Participants in our workshops and seminars leave as reflective and passionate practitioners who create cutting-edge learning environments. They educate today's student for a future that they will never live in themselves. Therefore, they learn to unapologetically be led by the Spirit of Christ within. "Leaders Start Early” and our coaches ensure that their students find and pursue their personal purpose for living early in their educational journey.

Espousing A First-Rate Curriculum

Are you a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between? Not to worry the world is our curriculum! This experiential learning environment is platformed on age-appropriate international standards and allows students to construct their learning as they are coached by curriculum experts.  Whether its STEM, Industry/Business, Agriculture, Medicine, Banking, Government or Global Affairs our curriculum supports the gifting(s)  and talents of our students.

Kingdom Commitment

Our mission is to provide a NEW WORLD EDUCATION that challenges students to reach their highest academic/career potential while inspiring them to experience the Christ within for the purpose of impacting their world without.  Foremost, our students develop moral character and demonstrate kingdom values in their life(styles) and relationships. A SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN fosters the development of innovative thinkers who master their cultural, social, academic/career and economic environments as they walk as critical problem solvers in a rapidly changing world. 

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